What's coming next?

nostalgia for infinityI've started creating art assets for the game, now that most of the logic is implemented and working.

I'll try to keep all my ship's designs close to how I imagine the awesome creations of my favourite hard sci-fi authors and the first ship I'll add is something I wanted to see in a game for a while now.

In case you're into hard sci-fi and don't yet know what Revelation Space is, I highly recommend you go and visit http://www.alastairreynolds.com/rs-universe, it'll be well worth your time. :D

Next on the list of things you'll be able to find in the coming build will be additional weapon systems like lasers.

  • Laser Level 1: Static laser too weak for destroying asteroids
  • Laser Level 2: Static laser powerful enough to blast through anything
  • Laser Level 3: Auto-targeting laser


New Content!

Yay! There's a new build with slightly more satisfying explosions!