Development update

It's been some time since the last update but things have been busy around the game. I've added a number of new models and worked on structuring the way missions will play out. Another new feature has been added to gameplay too, bombs! What is a vertical arcade style shooter without the allmighty "move everything out of the way" special attack? :)

Check out the demo if you want to see it in action. There is no limit on the amount of bombs carrried at the moment, since I can't decide if I want to limit it to three or just make bombs recover over time. Sign up and leave a comment if you have an opinion.

Here are a few screenshots of the current build available for Webplayer and Android:

What's coming next?

nostalgia for infinityI've started creating art assets for the game, now that most of the logic is implemented and working.

I'll try to keep all my ship's designs close to how I imagine the awesome creations of my favourite hard sci-fi authors and the first ship I'll add is something I wanted to see in a game for a while now.

New Features

altI got my head around to building the necessary functionality for weapon upgrades in the game. Collecting a powerup will now bost your standard weapon to double shot, tripple shot, and then subsequently double the fire rate of the weapon in use. laugh

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