Sqong has received a good number of updates.

  • Choose one of three difficulty settings in the options menu
  • Hi-Score system
  • Minor changes to the controls
  • Facebook sharing

Maximum Score

Tipps for getting the maximum possible score in any given arena:

Try hitting as many targets as you can successively. For each target you hit before the ball touches the back wall you will rack up the points multiplier.

Choose your start position wisely. You can send the ball along the center of the left or right walls if you aim correctly :)


You can adjust the difficulty of the game to suit your abilities any time from the options menu. Don't worry it will not affect your progress. The difficulty setting "challenging" is the original setting from the initial release, so if you found the game too difficult, try the new "easy" mode.

The controls

Some of you mentioned that the paddle is too close to the screen and you're missing the ball because you can't see where it is going whenever it travels too close to the walls. I've moved the paddle forward, so it will no longer be necessary to move your finger all the way to the side of the screen.

Future plans

I'm thinking of adding a multi-ball feature and a networked 2 player mode. Feel free to leave a comment in the play store if you have any suggestions!