Darkness Yonder - It's release day!

I'm happy to announce that Darkness Yonder has been released to the Google Play Store today. Why don't you hop over to the store and give it a try? It's free to play  :)

I'd also like to take this opportunity and thank everyone who helped directly or indirectly in making this release possible: my friend Max Pelle, who provided the concept art for the enemy ships, Michael McCann from Wayward Art Company for his most excellent 3D modeling tutorials that helped me so much and Chris DeLeon from Gamkedo, who provided me with hours and hours of free advice for keeping myself sane, fed and on track during development. Thank you :)


  • extending the list of available enemies and features
  • integration of leaderboards
  • integration of collectibles and achievements (coupled to unlockable gameplay elements - stay tuned)